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In the 1970’s, the creation of the Central American Common Market brought together the five countries of the region to make up a market sufficiently large to promote industrial development.

In the following years, dozens of industries were created to manufacture tubing, shoes, garden hoses, and electric wiring, among others. In order to supply those manufacturers, The BFGoodrich Company in 1970 decided to set up a plant in the area for the production of PVC compounds. This subsidiary was known as BFGoodrich Química de Costa Rica, S.A.

In June 1982, BFGoodrich sold its majority participation to local shareholders while retaining a minority position in the company’s capital. The company’s name was changed to Resintech and we continued working under a technology transfer agreement with The BFGoodrich Chemical Company through 2001.

In 1997, Resintech became the second Costa Rican company to obtain ISO 9001 certification. Initially through Spain´s AENOR and more recently through INTECO, both members of worldwide IQ NET, we have maintained the certification continuously during the past 20 years as an assurance to our customers of our consistent quality.

ISO 9001 for us means protocols on approval and continuous monitoring of more than 50 chemical raw materials, protocols on equipment maintenance and processing conditions, protocols on procedure and personnel training. All kept up to date and audited yearly by internationally recognized auditors. And we take pride we have achieved it “with distinction”.

In 2002, we obtained ISO 14001 certification to ensure we were able to comply with all the above while enhancing environmental performance.

Resintech USA was established in 2006 as a distribution center located in Miami, FL, both to assure our customers of close-by inventories of PVC compounds, and to improve the ability to deliver them to our US customers on a timely basis.


From the start, the purpose of our company has been to serve companies that use PVC compounds. Through the years we have become the major producer of PVC compounds in Central America due to several reasons:

  • Our main objective has been to give our clients a reliable and uninterrupted supply of PVC compounds.
  • Our in-plant stock of raw materials is such that it can be combined to obtain a diversity of formulations. In addition, we are able to purchase raw material at both world and regional markets.
  • We strictly abide by our commitments to our suppliers, thereby having access to lines of credit which in turn allow us to offer financial assistance to our clients.

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