Injection molding & extrusion


  • To the construction industry features such as resistance to breakage, warping, fire and the environment are very important. Flexible PVC compounds are used for window gaskets, baseboards, joint caps, etc.
  • To the automobile and marine industries resistance to elongation, traction, temperature and the environment are important. Profiles are used not only for interior finishing but also for gaskets and exterior decorations.
  • To furniture manufacturers resistance to deformation and migration, surface texture and weather ability are very important. Cords, strips, borders, and bindings are needed in various strengths and in a wide variety of colors.
  • For hose and flexible tubing extrusion flexibility, resistance to elongation and traction are essential. PVC compounds can be designed to safely carry liquid foods or medical fluids, or to have the chemical resistance necessary for solvents and other liquids.
  • Hose manufacturing demands a large variety of PVC compounds, either transparent for masons’ levels, very colorful – opaque or translucent – for gardens, PVC compounds co-extrusions with various characteristics in their exterior or internal surface reinforced with nylon and with great resistance to the outdoors or to bending.
  • Injection molded or extruded articles take advantage of our ability to formulate PVC compounds exhibiting crystal clarity or depth of color, glossy or matte finishes, wood grain appearance,and embossing capability.
  • Flooring products are manufactured from PVC compounds to take advantage of their resistance to abrasion and to cleaning fluids, and their retention of flexibility through extensive periods, They can be solid or foam, and come in a variety of colors.
  • Some applications may requireresistance to high temperatures, flexibility at low temperatures, or resistance to oil and fuels

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