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PVC RYT® compounds for containers are formulated using ingredients that allow for excellent physical and chemical resistance and great transparency. For the manufacture of packaging for foods and pharmaceutical products we offer compounds produced with non-poisonous raw materials that comply with FDA (Food & Drug Administration, USA) requirements and that do not add color or taste to the packaged product.

The shock resistance of bottles and thermo-moldability of rigid sheets in this application are of particular importance.

PVC bottles are manufactured through an extrusion-blow process of PVC sheets through pressure or flat die extrusion. PVC compounds must offer excellent smoothness, thermal stability, uniformity in color, and the capacity to be recycled to optimize said processes.

Shock resistance, waterproofing and resistance to the chemical products to be packaged plus the ability to print and adhere labels are of great importance in the manufacture of bottles. In addition a decision has to be made regarding the convenience of using ultraviolet filters or anti-static agents.

Rigid PVC transparent sheets can be thermo-shrunk to adapt them to the contour of the products to be packaged, for example, in packaging hardware tools or thermo-formed to the shape of pharmaceutical pills. In both cases the uniformity of PVC RYT® compounds contributes to the control of the process and stability of the product.

Shock resistance of PVC compounds for bottles can be high or medium. They are designed for small or very large bottles, wide-mouth jars, hot filled, etc.

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